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Magnetic Drill WP25

Magnetic Drill WP25
Model WP25 Magnetic drill
Motor 220V 50Hz 1200W
Max. Dia. of Drilling Hole 23 mm
Attraction of Magnet 13000 N
Travel of Slide Plate 180 mm
Horizontal Displacement 20 mm
Revolving Angle 90°
Rated Speed 350 rpm
Taper of Spindle MT2
Net. Weight 25 Kgs

WP32 Magnetic drill

WP32 Magnetic drill
Model WP45A magnetic drill
Motor 110/230V,50/60Hz,1200W
Max. Dia. of Drilling Hole 45mm
Attraction of Magnet 12000N
Travel of Slide Plate 200mm
Horizontal Displacement -
Revolving Angle -
Rated Speed 100-500rpm
Taper of Spindle Weldon Shank 3/4"
Net. Weight 23Kgs

Pipe Threading Machine

Pipe Threading Machine
Model Z1T-B2-50
Machining Size 1/2”~2”
Dies(BSPT/NPT) 1/2”~3/4”,1”~2”
Power Supply 220V
Motor Power 750W
Speed 28rpm
Gross/Net Weight 86kg/70kg
Packing Size 710x455x520mm

Cleaning Service Equipment

Cleaning Service Equipment
Model WP2018 Cleaning Service Equipment
Rated Input Power 1200W
Rated Input Voltage 110/220V
Rated Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Vacuum >=16Kpa,<=76dB
Collection Bin Capacity 9.6L
Water Capacity 6.5L
Weight 8.3Kgs

Aluminum Blower

Aluminum Blower
Model CER52 Aluminum Blower
Size 2"
Rated Voltage 110/220V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power 150w
No Load Speed 2800/3450rpm
Flow Rate 192m3/h